NFT releases are here to stay.

Music fans have always wanted exclusivity and connection with the art their favorite musicians create. Now, that connection can be one-of-a-kind.

Michael Marquart has never shied away from pushing the boundaries. With his project A Bad Think, Marquart has been featured many times here on Immersive Audio Album, both for exceptional songwriting, and embracing modern technology such as 3D audio.

Marquart’s former studio Windmark Recording has seen him work with huge names in the music industry such as Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

When Marquart is involved in a project, it is fair to say that it is going to be both exciting and different…

A Bad Think’s First NFT Release

“A Bad Think is on a journey to explore just how immersive and lifelike music can be.”

A Bad Think received a “Best Immersive Audio Album” Grammy nomination in 2020 for the 5.1 surround sound album The Savior. In 2021, the Lifelike album followed, and  “Fall In Love” is an unreleased track from that album. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to high fidelity audio, and embracing change.

“Fall in Love” will be available as an NFT. In fact, the song is packaged as a collection of different stems, soon to be followed by the full track itself.

There are four stems available, all forming a part of “Fall in Love.” If you want to own a piece of music history, the individual stems are available as five limited copies: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass & Drums, and Vocals.

The buyer of the NFTs will be able to claim ownership of the stems, a fascinating insight into the process and into the way Marquart and producers work in the studio. Mixers can assemble the stems to create the completed track.

The ultimate collector's piece is the “1 of 1” limited edition of the full track. The buyer of this will not only put their name to one of the most unique NFTs in immersive audio, they also get access to a totally unreleased track that is truly exclusive.

“Working with new and advanced technology to create 3D listening experiences, it's impossible not to think about the origin and meaning of music - and the building blocks that regularly bring music into existence.”

The collection of stems, available on OpenSea, is not just a way to expand the musical content available out there as NFTs. It is a very deliberate theme around immersive audio, and how even the most cutting-edge audio technology relies on stems as the basic “building blocks” of music.

The Album – Read Our Full Review

In our full Lifelike review, it is fair to say I was impressed with the 3D experience.

On top of that, you can enjoy a fascinating video documentary to learn more about how the album came together with the talents of Michael and his collaborators, Bob Clearmountain, Dave Way, and Steve Genewick. Take a look behind-the-curtain of the ambitious Atmos project, and the meeting of minds that it took to create one of Marquart’s finest musical endeavours to date.

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