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IAA is an online community, education resource, and music shop for immersive audio and surround sound downloads. We connect mixers, engineers, and artists with fans who crave premium multichannel music.

This is unbelievably wonderful, to find such like minded creative people, with the same intense dedication in sonic purity, as I have been.


I’m happy that I found you.


I would like to say thanks to Immersive Audio Album for making these multichannel recordings available. There are a few other companies that I can use for classical music downloads (5.1 FLAC), but pickings are slim for Australian residents especially for rock or progressive rock.


Love your music selections. You’re keeping the multichannel sound flame burning!


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Seeking Immersive Music
In a recent survey of the IAA community, over 86% reported they are most enthusiastic about new immersive music to download.
High-Resolution Immersive Delivery
Unlike streaming services, IAA offers listeners the ability to fully own their Dolby Atmos music in a high-resolution format. Our lossless Dolby TrueHD MKV digital downloads allow for the full Blu-Ray experience, video included, but with far greater flexibility and without the disc itself.
No Label? No Problem.
Independent artists are welcome on IAA. Have a 5.1 mix you’ve been sitting on with no place to sell it? Send it to IAA.
Baked-in Marketing
IAA was created by marketers, so getting the word out about your music is in our DNA. This may take the form of paid ads, email blasts, features and our blog, and more. Want to take your marketing even further? Contact us for more information and pricing.
Engaged and Growing Audience
Website traffic on IAA has grown nearly 200% compared to 2020. Our email list of thousands of subscribers are highly engaged and eager for more music.
Atmos and 5.1 and Auro, oh my!
IAA users love all multichannel formats, so whether you’re distributing 7.1, 5.1, Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, or DTS:X, there’s a space for your music at IAA.
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At IAA, the artist comes first, and our pricing model reflects that. We offer an 80-20 split, with 80% of revenue going to the artist after payment processing fees. Click here to learn more about our terms.

We use Stripe, so getting set up is easy. Once your multichannel music is approved and live on our platform, you’ll get a dedicated account to set your pricing, set up direct deposit, and view your sales activity.

Payouts are per-transaction, so you get paid instantaneously. Learn more about how Stripe works here.


What is IAA?

IAA is short for Immersive Audio Album, an online hub for fans of music in immersive audio and the engineers who create it. The editorial section of our site features Q&As with industry leaders, product reviews, and recent news, all in the immersive audio space. We also provide resources for those interested in getting started in immersive sound, both on the user and creator side. IAA’s shop is a marketplace where artists can sell their albums or tracks to passionate audiophiles in search of high quality, multichannel music.

What is immersive audio music?

The term “immersive audio” was popularized recently, especially after the Grammys renamed the “Best Surround Sound Album” award to the “Best Immersive Audio Album” award in 2018. The new name was meant to be inclusive of 3D / object-based audio (such as Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D) as well as traditional surround sound (such as 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 audio). Generally, “immersive audio” means music mixed for 4+ channels.

Can immersive audio music be downloaded?

Yes! Downloading immersive audio music is a great way to build a music collection while remaining unbeholden to streaming platforms. For audiophiles, downloads are the best way to ensure the highest quality files. IAA offers immersive audio music downloads for purchase in our shop.

How do I sell immersive audio music?

Selling immersive audio music can be challenging! That’s why we created IAA. After a short review process to ensure your music files are multichannel (and yours!), we share them with our community in the IAA shop. To submit your music, get started below.

What formats qualify as immersive audio music?

A variety of file formats can accommodate the 4+ channels included in an immersive track or album. This partially depends on the mix. For example, Dolby Atmos immersive music can be delivered as an MP4 (among other file types), while 5.1 DTS:X mixes are often submitted in FLAC or WAV. Our uploading system is filetype agnostic. Please upload the format you have, and we’ll be in touch should any issues arise.

How do payouts from IAA work?

At IAA, we do an 80/20 split of purchases, where 80% goes to the artist and 20% goes to IAA. We pay out instantaneously per transaction using Stripe. From there, you (or someone on your team or label) can handle payouts for mechanical rights.

How long does it take for my music to appear in the IAA shop?

With appropriate files and a timely Stripe setup, expect to have your music up in the IAA shop within 1-2 weeks of your submission.

Will IAA promote my music?

We are always on the lookout for quality content for our email newsletter and the Editorial section of our website, so don’t be surprised if we reach out for a Q&A or you see your music in our emails.

For bespoke marketing including management of advertising, creation of NFTs, IAA website banners, and other growth marketing initiatives, be sure to indicate your interest by checking the appropriate box when completing the music submission process.

How many people will see my music on IAA?

Our audience of audiophiles has grown steadily since IAA first began over a year ago. We have thousands of email subscribers and more than 5,500 monthly website visitors.

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