We at IAA are delighted to announce an exciting giveaway partnership with the acclaimed band A Bad Think, led by Grammy-nominated producer Michael Marquart. This giveaway offers fans an opportunity to engage with A Bad Think's latest album Cottonwood, which is currently available as an exclusive hi-res immersive digital download through our online shop!

Less than a year after the release of Short St. (2023), Marquart impressively managed to write, record and produce an entirely new 10-track album. Much like the prior four immersive releases, Cottonwood covers a lot of ground genre-wise with elements of country/western, more mainstream ‘feel-good' pop/rock, progressive rock, and various other styles in between. 

Cottonwood stands out as a testament to A Bad Think's evolution and depth in musical expression. Each track on the album is meticulously crafted, weaving complex emotions with melodic prowess. To get a taste for one of the tracks, check out A Bad Think's lyric video below:

Whereas legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain sat behind the board for prior records X (2022) and Short St. (2023), immersive mixing duties for Cottonwood instead fell to longtime Marquart collaborator and four-time Grammy award-winner Dave Way. Throughout his decades-long career, Way has worked with a plethora of well-known artists such as Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, Mick Jagger, and Eric Clapton.

Right from the first notes of opening track “10K Hours,” it’s clear that Way’s immersive mixing modus operandi is quite different from Cleamountain’s. Drum sound fills up the entire room, with the snare extending upwards from the center speaker into the front heights. Whereas previous releases had Marquart’s distinctive voice almost entirely isolated in the center speaker, here he’s in the front ‘phantom’ center with just a bit of vocal signal spilling over into the center.

Participants in this exclusive promotion have the chance to win a free download code for the album. Additionally, winners will receive a limited-edition custom-made scarf adorned with the cover design, blending fashion with music in a truly unique way.

A Bad Think iAA Scarf Giveaway

To participate, you can take actions like heading over to Spotify to follow A Bad Think, and more!  Every action gains you entries, boosting your chances to win the prize. Make sure you check the terms and conditions for your eligibility - US residents only!

Entry into the giveaway is designed to be straightforward and accessible–just follow the instructions on the competition page! Needless to say, this is an opportunity that audiophiles and A Bad Think fans won’t want to miss.

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