Today, it’s easier than ever to make your home cinema experience closer to the genuine cinematic equivalent. The consumer electronics market has introduced so many gadgets, products, and affordable home goods that can help enhance your home setup.

For this article, we’ve gone and outlined some easy steps you can take in order to improve the picture, sound, and even comfort. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be off to audio-visual nirvana!

1. Embrace Immersive Audio

There was a time when upgrading to immersive audio would have required so much more. You would have needed more than five speakers and an amplifier, which isn’t easy for the average consumer to set up. Now, there are ways to get surround sound without having to pick up loads of equipment.

The latest Dolby Atmos technology offers a full 3D soundstage without loads of equipment. You can buy soundbars with Atmos support and speakers that fire upward to give the full, 360-degree cinematic audio experience.

2. Add Acoustic Treatments

All too often, audiophiles spend a lot of time trying to tinker with their sound system and speakers to perfect the audio. Unfortunately, so many ignore the impact of the space their home cinema is set up in. Lots of large, flat walls will cause nasty reverberation rather than the clear sound we desire.

Acoustic treatments can be purchased online or even made at home, if you ‘re feeling adventurous. Adding just a few to your space can make a substantial difference, breaking up those larger spaces where the sound is being reflected back towards you.

3. Change The Lighting

It seems so obvious. When you go to the movies, the theater goes totally dark. If it didn’t, you’d get an annoying glare on the screen or the lights would impact the way the movie looks.

At least 90% of the light in the room should be coming from the screen if you want to see it as the directors intended. This means that you should fill your home theater with low-powered LED lights so as not to overpower the screen. The added benefit is that these lights are very efficient.

4. Add a Subwoofer

If you want to experience the rumble of bass when there's an explosion in the distance or a helicopter flies overhead, adding a subwoofer to your system will be the best way to imitate the feel of a movie theater.

Subs can easily be twinned with a surround sound system or with a soundbar, and you can even buy sets. The LG SN7Y 3.1.2 Wireless Sound Bar is a great example of an Atmos soundbar that comes with a sub.

5. Add Luxury Seating

When it’s time to relax, you may as well do it properly. Everyone’s idea of luxury seating is slightly different, but you might want to incorporate a massage chair, a luxury recliner, or even some giant beanbags!. It’s a sure-fire way to enhance your home theater experience that little bit more. Just try not to drift off to sleep.

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